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Looking for a Fair Deal on a Hot Tub?

Visit a Local Dealer, not the Fairgrounds

Every year we see Hot Tub and Spa Sales come through town advertising huge discounts at the fairgrounds. Learn why their “deals” might not be the best option for you and your family.

What’s the Deal?

“Save 40% – 80% off a new Hot Tub, this weekend only!”

“We’re required to sell at least 1,000 Hot Tubs this weekend! No reasonable offer will be denied!”

What’s the Catch?

The truth is, these prices are artificially inflated and then discounted to about what the retail price should be.

These traveling shows offer a few hot tub models with limited colors and material options…and won’t be around next week if something goes wrong.


What’s the Problem?

Consider the investment you are making in a hot tub or swim spa, and the life cycle of the product. A quality hot tub will last as long as a car, if not longer. It will require service and maintenance. There are parts that may need to be replaced.

Who will replace these parts?

What’s the Best Way?

The purchase of a hot tub or swim spa is not a decision you should make in the environment of a fairgrounds sale.

There are high quality hot tubs built using the best jets and materials, which can last years when properly maintained…there are also lower quality products using jets that will have more problems and plastic furnishings that warp over time.

How much do you know about hot tubs? Can you tell the difference just by looking at a few choices in an afternoon?


“Cheers to Affordable Spas for being an A+ family owned business!!! They have quality spas, reasonable prices, and give outstanding customer service! Robert and Chase are friendly experts who have been dependable and helpful throughout our entire spa experience. We couldn’t be happier with the product and service we have received. Our spa dreams came true thanks to Affordable Spas! We are happy soakers!!! :)”

What are the Advantages of Buying from a Local Hot Tub Dealer?

Your local dealer will offer similar pricing for a superior hot tub and will still be in town after your hot tub has been installed. When you buy from a local dealer you know you’ll have the peace of mind for the duration of your hot tub ownership. Even if the fairground sale offered a better price, the quality of the hot tub would not be the same and the service you receive in the future would be through the manufacturer, not a local company.

36 Months Financing With 0% Interest!

Same Day Delivery!

Review Our Pre-Sale Checklist And Call Or Set An Appointment For A Free In-Home Consultation To Guarantee Same Day Delivery For Your New Spa!

  • Use our design services to pick the perfect location for your hot tub or swim spa
  • Proper measuring of existing areas to help with size selection
  • Make sure you have enough allowable room for cover & lifter to operate
  • Site prep ideas –concrete pad, deck, pavers or our synthetic Spa Pad
  • Discuss complements/accessories like steps and surrounds
  • Match the house/deck color by bringing cabinet and acrylic samples
  • Peace of mind using our approved electrical contractors who will professionally wire your spa or swim spa. Includes startup/fill service
  • Determine best delivery options

Caldera Spas

Designing a spa for Pure Comfort® is about more than just making you feel good. It’s about helping you relax completely, putting you in a place where you can leave stress behind and recharge from ground zero. Stress can negatively affect your immune system, your social interactions and your health in general. The ability to fully let go, to completely power down, is so vitally important to your overall well-being. So, yes, we take comfort very seriously.

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The all-new Endless Pools Fitness Systems combines the revolutionary Endless Pools Swim Machine with optional underwater treadmill, rowing, strength-training exercises and relaxing hydrotherapy. With Endless Pools Fitness Systems you’ll benefit from having a fully functional home wellness system that is convenient to use and beautiful enough to be the centerpiece of your backyard.

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