End of Year Clearance Sale

End of Year Clearance Sale

Hurry in now for a limited time! These offers won’t less long!

$6,000 off  The Endless Pools E500 LOADED FLOOR MODEL (only one available!)

$1,000 off any remaining Utopia Series model in stock

$500 off any remaining Paradise Series model in stock

$300 off any remaining Vacanza Series model in stock

Caldera Spas

Designing a spa for Pure Comfort® is about more than just making you feel good. It’s about helping you relax completely, putting you in a place where you can leave stress behind and recharge from ground zero. Stress can negatively affect your
immune system, your social interactions and your health in general. The ability to fully let go, to completely power down, is so vitally important to your overall well-being. So, yes, we take comfort very seriously.

Endless Pools Swim Spas

The all-new Endless Pools Fitness Systems combines the revolutionary Endless Pools Swim Machine with optional underwater treadmill, rowing, strength-training exercises and relaxing hydrotherapy. With Endless Pools Fitness Systems you’ll benefit from having a fully functional home wellness system that is convenient to use and beautiful enough to be the centerpiece of your backyard.

Everyone Has A Story, Let’s Hear Yours.

As a family owned and operated business we are committed to uncompromising integrity, reliability, value, quality and customer service. You, our customers are important to us because we value relationships! That’s why we welcome you to come by for a hot cup of coffee(or tea) & a visit, so we can get to know each other.